Helping save water and improve the environment is what Austin Interlocking Pavers does on a regular basis. A lot of people have never heard of a permeable paves before, so we thought we would help out with a little description . A permeable paver allows water to run through the pavers back into the ground. Most water sources come from ground water. With all of the solid concrete and asphalt being installed water has to run off to somewhere. Most of this water runs away from your property, but what if we could help direct some of that water back into the ground? This would help replenish ground water tables. There are several benefits of permeable pavers for property owners. Besides saving water they also help control erosion and standing water. This helps reduce mosquitoes and moss from growing. These pavers also allow the water to be cleaned before running back into the ground water supply. Along with all those benefits you get a beautiful product! Call Today for a FREE ESTIMATE (512) 966-3654

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Interlocking Pavers for Driveways

Austin Interlocking Pavers has installed several driveways and walkways throughout Austin Texas and surrounding areas every year. These pavers come in several styles and colors. Our professional staff will help walk you through the options. Now that a paver has been chosen, we can get started on installing some permeable pavers. The process is about the same as installing regular interlocking pavers but there are some different steps that need to be followed. If you hire the wrong company these steps can be skipped and the long term product will fail. We train all of our crews on the proper installation of Permeable pavers. These pavers help eliminate standing water which limits ice build up on walkways and driveways. Which helps vehicle traction and helps eliminate pedestrian slips. The lighter colors of pavers help reduce the heat affect of a walkway or driveway. Call us today and start the process of installing a beautiful walkway or driveway. One of the great benefits of using Interlocking pavers is that you can pull them up if you ever need to run something under them. If you decide on using concrete this can’t be accomplished.  So don’t waste no more time call today for a FREE ESTIMATE (512) 966-3654

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We have three decades of installing pavers. We will make sure your project is done right. The average person is going to install a paver project maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Here in Austin Texas there is no state licensing to regulate the installation of interlocking pavers. So do companies skip steps? Yes!! they do and one of the big problems is the driveway will look good for a few months until that company is long gone with your money.  Hire us we are a Belgard preferred installer.  Hire a company that will be around for another three decades.

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