Austin Driveway Repairs

Austin Driveway Repairs

Austin Driveway Repairs is what Austin Interlocking Pavers does on a regular basis. Majority of driveways are concrete, concrete will always crack. The best concrete contractor will tell you that concrete is not flexible. Concrete driveways are installed as one big slab of concrete. Concrete is the most reasonable priced product to install for a driveway. Interlocking pavers are more money then regular concrete there ae several benefits to switching to pavers.

Benefits of Interlocking Pavers

Did you know that most of Austin Driveway Repairs are caused by concrete not being installed right in the first place. Interlocking stones have several benefits. Most concrete driveways have an average PSI concrete strength of 2500 PSI, Interlocking concrete pavers have a minimum of 8000PSI. That is a huge benefit in the strength department. Unlike concrete pavers can be removed which allows you to run future pipes under the driveway. If your paver driveway fails you. You can always pull the pavers up and cure the problem and then re- install the pavers. Concrete comes in a few colors but Interlocking pavers come in several different colors and styles to choose from. Call out our professional designers and we will walk you through different styles and shapes.  

Different styles of Interlocking Pavers

Yes there are several different types of pavers. Brick pavers, stone pavers and interlocking concrete pavers are a few of them. One of the newest pavers to be used for Austin Driveway Repairs is Porcelain Pavers. There are a few styles of Porcelain pavers that can be used. If the concrete is still in pretty fair shape and no major cracks we can over lay a Belgard Paver right on top of the old concrete. If the concrete is beyond saving, we can remove it and install a solid base for new Porcelain pavers that have a manufacture life time warranty. 

Austin Concrete Repair

Concrete Repairs

There are several different types of concrete repair products or procedures. We have found that most of these techniques will repair a crack but you’ll still notice the different colors and or textures. Lots of these concrete repair companies will give a false warranty but if the concrete is moving there is a definitely a base problem that in our opinion must be removed and replaced. Once we remove the concrete we can give you a free estimate to install new concrete or install interlocking pavers. Call us today and we evaluate your concrete repair and give you a honest opinion (512) 966-3654

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