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• Austin Interlocking Pavers is a locally owned and operated company in Austin, TX.
• Over a decade of experience serving surrounding communities.
• Specializes in interlocking pavers, permeable pavers, patio paving and concrete construction. Along with Building Patio Covers, ADU’s and Dethatched Garages
• Exceptional customer service and quality work is a top priority.
• Call (512) 966-3654 for interlocking paver services in Austin, TX.


Interlocking Pavers

There are many benefits that come with choosing interlocking pavers for walkways and roads. Interlocking pavers create a sturdy and long-lasting surface while providing style, color, and eye-catching patterns. The interlocking pavers accommodate the traction and weight of residential and commercial vehicular equipment because of its movement cancellation feature.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are built using layers of varying-sized stones and aggregate that direct and filter storm-water. Permeable pavers functions similarly to natural land and absorbs any rain that falls on your patio, walkway, or driveway, reducing the burden on storm drains. Permeable concrete reduces erosion and eliminates standing water that can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and algea. 

Patio Pavers

With the customer patio paver services of Austin Permeable Pavers, you can finally have a picture-perfect outdoor oasis and turn your dream patio into a reality. Our professional paving contractors can help you design your ideal outdoor living space. We use durable materials so you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come. 

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Pavers are a new product that brings a modern look to outdoor Living. These pavers are very strong and they are backed with a great manufacture warranty. Austin Interlocking Pavers trains all of our crews on proper installation techniques. Porcelian pavers work well around pools, walkway and Driveways.



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